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Manoj Reinsurance Brokers Ltd was founded by Zagariah Manoj Varghese in Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC), in 2020.

Manoj Re is a brand new broking house with a fresh approach – promoted and managed by passionate industry experts, veterans, and professional brokers.

The board of directors and executive management of Manoj Re collectively have more than 100 years of industry experience in both reinsurance and claims management.

“Insurance is the noble endeavor of extending financial security and peace of mind to society at large. By protecting people’s financial interests when they face difficulties, we provide a financial promise of uninterrupted livelihood.”

Zagariah Manoj Varghese

Insight & Experience

In today’s complex and uncertain business environment, Manoj Re’s expertise in risk mitigation and reinsurance in particular, is essential to support and enable the financial viability of today’s global and local insurance industry.

Manoj Re is proud that our insight and experience contribute multiple services that result in more insurance business opportunities, contribute to the prosperity of the insurance industry, and thereby does a great service to our society.

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“A dream has just begun with a legacy to continue. This is the first step of a thousand mile journey”

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