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Manoj Re offers extensive expertise in major insurance disciplines, including

Our dedicated Property & Construction team serves clients with technical inputs, reviews, and placements within our international network of securities. We prioritize the distribution of risk with rated and stable securities and we will provide top notch services on various lines interconnected to both property and construction.

We recognized the need of heavy industries and mining companies in identifying, mitigating, and retaining their risks. The mining industries now faces wider range of challenges. Influencing factors like climate change, new technologies, economic and political uncertainties, apart from securing suitable supply of key consumables like electricity, water, gas, and other fuels are getting more difficult and these lead to additional complications in securing suitable protection. Our team works closely with suitable markets to find solutions for such complex risks enabling our clients to continue their business growth in the competitive market.

21st century has brought the significance of Information Technology to a level of necessity for both individuals and corporates. Now the globe is revolving around IT, with every country developing its IT infrastructure to either cope up with the market demands or to pioneer IT advancement, alongside comes the complexity of risks ranging from cyber-attack, loss of confidential data etc. Our team is well equipped to deal with these upcoming challenges of cyber risks by brining solutions from experts from Lloyds of London and other specialist markets.

Political violence has become a highly occurring act of terrorism worldwide and has become part of the daily news. The philosophy of expect the unexpected is at play during these days when it comes to Terrorism and Political Violence. War and Terrorism exposures are increasing every day, and many industries face the serious threat and our team will assist clients to cover their risk in the most appropriate and efficient way. This risk is generally placed in Lloyd’s and other specialist markets throughout the world.

Health, life, and annuity insurance providers face several challenges each day, many of which can be solved and mitigated by well-designed reinsurance programs. We deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions to our clients, based on their market demand and competition. We use the support of experienced consultants and data experts to review the analytical and actuarial results, enabling us to make a difference by providing a broad range products and solutions to our clients.

Our Marine team will provide clients a holistic approach from pre-underwriting review and placement with marine specialist securities. We help secure our clients with bespoke solutions when it comes to Energy risks. The complex operation involved in the Energy sector are exposed to various kinds of risks and we provide solutions to match the best. Marine & Energy is one of our core expertise and we serve clients with our expertise, promptness, and quality throughout all lines.

As the Aviation Industry thrives to grow in a fast-paced spectrum. The risks and exposures involved rises equally, especially during the recent unexpected pandemic situation leading to business interruption losses are new challenges faced by aviation industry. We are well prepared to meet the needs of clients through collaboration with our global network of aviation partners. Our team has considerable experience across all classes of aviation insurance, including airlines, general aviation, and space technology.

The growing demand for energy and utilities are increasing challenges over environmental scrutiny and is creating many complex situations for power and utility companies across the globe. To face these challenges, there is a high need for effective power risk management and properly protected insurance. We study comprehensively the regulatory, financial, technological, environmental, and geographic aspects and situations before extending our solutions to our clients. Apart from our expertise, we additionally use specialist consultants of power and utility to support the evolving risk management and insurance needs for power and utility companies across the globe.

Political Risk refers to the negative consequences that result from the action or inaction of government. This risk impacts the highest in developing countries where the economy or political situation are unstable. Political Risk Insurance can mitigate the negative impact of the above said risks and assist our clients to grow their businesses. We offer clients support with a range of individual, counterparty and country exposures, delivering solutions based on our team’s network of relationships across the global insurance markets with their experience and expertise.
We first try to understand our clients’ business and then design a tailor-made reinsurance and/or capital solution that responds to specific needs. More than successful reinsurance placement and excellent account service, our clients expect their reinsurance broker to be their advisor by understanding their business, their issues, and their market challenges.

Financial risk is rapidly increasing in both developed and developing countries. The operational risks faced by the financial industry continues to become more and more complex. Increasing litigations and regulatory changes places both companies and their employees face greater exposure arising from the provision of their services. Our experienced team can offer technical advice to a wide range of clients and we leverage our market connections to find provide competitive solutions to our clients.

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