"Claims Management
is our expertise"

Claims Management

Our team has personally and successfully handled claim litigations in the courts of London and other countries. We have also have successfully negotiated several multi-million dollar complex claims across the globe.

Our directors and executive team are well experienced in claims management. The result is local expertise with global capability to deliver specialist know-how and strategic claims management.


We want our clients to focus in their business and Manoj Re will focus on protecting it.


We have extensive experience in dealing with regulators, lawyers, recovery agents, and thorough knowledge of all legal facets of reinsurance recoveries.


We have also undergone tough times with few failed recoveries due to matters which were not under our control – like reinsurer’s bankruptcy, financial issues, technical issues, and sanctions. These negative experiences have provided important insight and developed a strong ability to choose the very best reinsurance partner for our clients.


We have earned the loyalty of our clients throughout the years by maintaining a high standard quality of services and making sure our clients’ claims remain the top priority.


Our focus on high ethical standards, professionalism, and innovation enable Manoj Re to deliver effective claims management. At every deployment, we ensure that our clients and their risks are safely entrusted to a trustworthy reinsurer, who will honor all promises at the time of claim.


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